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Engaging with the beauty and power of place.
Geomancy and You!
A List of Benefits
Your environment has a
powerful presence that
influences your life in
significant ways.
Find Peace and
where You Are!
Align with the energies
of your environment
for optimal well-being.
Your Earth-Heart
Learn Land Whispering
practices and techniques
with personally designed
one-on-one training.

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You've crossed over a threshold and now stand in a place that may seem vaguely familiar to you. Your soul most likely recognizes where it is, but maybe your mind is cautiously curious while an unexpected joy and intrigue color your thoughts. Your journey here may have been wrought with challenges and unexpected loss, or a pervasive emptiness and barren soul-scape within you spurred you ever onward towards that certain something that would bring you alive again. Or, perhaps all is right and good in your life and you are following your heart's promptings to expand into and embrace even more joy and delight. No matter what path led you here, I welcome you! On some level, you are exactly where you're meant to be. 


Much awaits you here! Where will your curiosity lead you? What new understandings lie waiting to be explored? How will your life change as a result? Here you'll discover that there is so much more to the world than you've been told and that you are connected in a very unique way to the beauty all around you. Find out how you can live a more peaceful and inspired life; uncover the secret to why you love the places you love; and become highly attuned to the subtle rhythms and dynamic presence of the wild landscape, that both surrounds you, and simultaneously shapes the energetic landscape within you. 

May you find inspiration and renewed hope here!



                                                                       Janet MacPherson Moller


To link our lives and environments with the wild rhythm and presence of the land through place healing, creativity, and direct engagement with the natural landscape to inspire well-being, beauty, and joy.

Enchant, enrich, and empower your life! 


Live in Right Relationship with Place

Align your heart and home with the energies of the land.

Create a home that reflects your heart and wild soul held within a deep understanding of the landscape around you. The Art of Nesting can help you discover a new way of living by showing you how to uncover the beauty and blessings present in your life right now.

  • Align with your heart's truth and shape your home to honor you.

  • Learn the steps to take to make heart-centered changes at home.

  • Discover the magical, nurturing relationship you have with the Earth and your own landscape and learn ways to work with it.

  • Come into a more intimate relationship with beauty and presence.

  • Start living a life of connection and meaning rooted in the power of place and your own sense of belonging.

  • Embrace your heart and wild soul for guidance. 

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We all have a place where our heart sings, where we know we belong.


An Ancient Practice.  A Path of Deep Connection.  An Inspired Way of Living.

Geomancy is an ancient holistic practice that acknowledges the visible and invisible characteristics of the earth; and by working with the various expressions of subtle energy in the landscape and the cycles of time, brings about balanced environments where all life is nurtured and can thrive. The Geomancy practice I offer is rooted in the current understanding and experience of the earth as being a living conscious entity; one we are in constant dynamic relationship with and that shapes our lives in profound ways.

Site Energy Assessment

Spatial Needs Consultation

Geopathic Stress Remediation

Psychic Disturbance Clearing

Space Clearing 

"This is what I have been searching for all my life - a place of rest and a sense of having found my way home.  Janet's card says, 'Find peace and harmony where you are.', and that is exactly what is happening.  Brilliant!"

When the land

is veiled in mist

and the otherworld

whispers to you,

be still

and listen.

With the trees

holding you close,

you realize

that you stand within,

and are a part of,

this moment


Image by Erik-Jan Leusink

She is still there

peering up.

Stone thru leaves.

Greeting those who can see.

Her soft gaze framed

In dark earth and

dried leaves.

An elemental chorus

reverberates through me.

Every fiber of my being

feeling the song

of Her soul.

From my place

beside the sea

I cannot deny Her,

For in that moment

I realised

these elements,

 they too,

 sing Her song in me.


Feed Your Wild Soul

Nurture Your Heart

Inspire Your Creativity


 Studio Nest


Land Whispering






Your imagination will unlock the treasures of your world!

The earth is full of secrets that only the enchanted heart can know.

Creativity gives our dreams wings!


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Image by Zoltan Tasi
Be here now.
Lay down all that you know.
Open to the wonder.
Open to the underlying presence.
Let it all in!

I'm Janet MacPherson Moller, geomancer, artist, dowser.


Thank you for being here!

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