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Janet MacPherson Moller by the Sea
Janet MacPherson Moller


Tender of earth connection working to guide people in rediscovering the richness and beauty present in their relationship with the natural world.

My Story

I've always felt a closeness to nature, able to tune into and connect with the dynamic presence and expression of the life force around me. When I was young if I wasn't drawing and painting, I was out immersing myself in the oak and cedar woodlands, streams and ponds, and long sandy beaches of the Cape Cod landscape where I grew up. My love for the earth was deeply planted in me during those early years. It has never left.  


I chose to follow a creative path early in life and went on to receive a BFA in Interior Design from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After feeling dissatisfied with my work I went seeking a way to combine my love of nature with my design background. This led me to travel and study with several leading experts in the earth energy field. Through this journey, I completed a 2-year apprenticeship in Geomancy with Patrick MacManaway (leading expert on geomancy and past President of the British Society of Dowsers) and studied labyrinth use and construction with Sig Lonegren (geomancer and leading expert on labyrinths and sacred space) in Glastonbury, England and Lauren Artress (Founder and Creative Director of Veriditas) at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I am a self-taught dowser, receiving guidance and support early on during my geomancy apprenticeship and thru training with the American Society of Dowsers. Interested in exploring green building and sustainable living, I studied sustainable communities through a residential Eco-village training program at The Findhorn Community in Scotland. In addition to my studies, my love for the sacred landscape has led me to seek out special places all around the world. I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to both well-known and obscure sacred sites and landscapes throughout New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, New Mexico, Arizona, and New England.


Along with my geomantic work, I have a small jewelry business. In 2011 I started Dancing Stone Studio and began creating hand-painted beach stone earrings and necklaces that have sold to customers worldwide. It's been an amazing journey of creative expression where I've had the opportunity to bring people closer to the beauty of nature through my art. 


The inspiration for both my geomantic and artistic work comes from my deep lifelong connection with the natural and mystical landscape, and my interest in Celtic spirituality and shamanic traditions. I am inspired to share with others the transformative power of place, and the importance of silence and stillness in helping us to be fully alive and engaged with the natural world.


Bird's Nest
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