She slowly rotated her body around and around in the middle of the nest placing each bit of grass, fluff and twig in the perfect spot.

Every movement she made was like a dance choreographed with the elements of the place and in tune with who she was.  

Observing her in that moment something inside me quickened, kindling a yearning to be engaged with the natural world in a similar way.


Many years ago I had a transformative experience while watching a mourning dove build her nest high up in a white pine bough right outside my window. Never before had I witnessed such an exquisite occurance unfolding right before my eyes.  I felt as if I had happened upon a secret.  It was one of those awe-inspiring moments we can have when we slow down and open to the hidden wonders of nature. This experience is one of many that have aligned my life with a deeper understanding of reality.

At this pivotal time in our history when there is so much demanding our attention and our focus is on the 'big screen' of our lives, both literally and figuratively, it's easy to miss the hidden miracles that are happening around us every day. The busyness of our lives narrows our perceptions and we can miss out on experiencing that which lies just below the surface of our awareness.  It's here where the web of life takes form and the interconnectedness between all things can be felt.  Meditation  can help.  By simply choosing to slow down and find stillness, our awareness of the world expands and our understanding of reality deepens.  


Every day I feel truly blessed to experience these magical moments and the unique ways in which my life fits into the whole of existence on this planet.  Living with this awareness keeps me grounded in the present, giving me great joy, strength and hope.  I wish the same for you. This is the message at the heart of GeoMagica.




Engaging with the beauty and power of place.


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