Sacred space grounds you in divine connection.

Throughout human history sacred spaces have been places set apart from everyday life; where people have gone to meditate, perform ritual, pray, find peace and stillness, and to ask for guidance.  They are thresholds between this world and other dimensions of space and time.  Sacred spaces embody an atmosphere that resonates with a divine presence, therefore helping to ground our lives in something greater than ourselves.  They provide comfort, solace, guidance and a deep sense of place and time.  Sacred spaces nourish and refresh our spirit.


Having a professionally crafted sacred space available to you in your life is a beautiful blessing. They offer a place of refuge and peace that is private, where you can go to celebrate or receive guidance, solitude, comfort and spiritual connection. Do you have a vision or a dream you'd like to see happen?   

Let us bring your vision to life.

I design spirals and labyrinths that are in alignment with the energies of your land. Sacred geometry is the foundation upon which each design is structured, thereby aligning it with the very patterns and harmonies found in nature. Each design is dictated by the elements of your vision and the parameters of your space. Materials are chosen based on what will best support your vision, what is most suitable for the location, and what your budget will allow.  On more elaborate projects I am happy to collaborate with a landscaper.  Below are the sacred forms I work with and their specific attributes. 


Spirals are patterns found throughout nature.

They can be seen in everything from our fingerprints, the growth pattern of a nautilus shell to the structure of galaxies.  Spirals are expressions of growth and decay, of energy increasing or decreasing as it moves outward and inward around a central point.  

Many see spirals as symbolic of the feminine, of death and rebirth; and as expressions of the cycles of change and the cyclical forces of nature.  We can harness this energy and align our inner and outer lives with this expression of life force that is constantly present on an individual and cosmic scale.

Symbolism of Spirals

Balance : Progress : Initiation : Centering : Surrender : Passage of Time : Evolution


Labyrinths are very similar to spirals in that they are made up of a single path that guides you to a central point and back out again. Unlike a maze, labyrinths are not puzzles.  The only choice you have to make is to begin.   This creates a sense of ease and calm. People walk labyrinths to rebalance their energies, mark a time in their life, receive guidance, and to connect with the divine presence within.  

Labyrinths can be as small as a finger labyrinth, as humble as one mown into the grass in your backyard, and as elaborate as a paved labyrinth set into the nave of a church, such as the famous labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France.

Symbolism of Labyrinths

Spiritual Growth : Connection to Source : Rebirth : Emergence : Transformation

Ready to take the next step?

I am excited to hear your vision for bringing sacred space into your life.  

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Bird's Nest


Bird's Nest


Bird's Nest


Janet MacPherson Moller


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