Helping women follow their Selkie hearts and navigate the path of their souls' truth.

Selkie Sea

Darkness - eyes sparkling

The home of heart,

Sea welcomes.


In my liquid bones

a tremor ripples.


Awakening me.

Where my soul is leading me.

I don my skin - 

eyes dark and deep.

With a flick of my tail,

the Sea takes me home.

Do you love the Sea?  Is she calling you?

SáilSpeak, pronounced 'seaspeak', is about supporting your soul's yearning for the Sea through sharing inspirational stories, poetry, and art. The Sea is calling for us to reach out to her in reverence and to know her once more - to hear her song in our soul. Here at SáilSpeak we answer her call, we hear her song, and we dive in.  No longer can we resist the call of the waves.  It is time to go home.


Sáil = 'Sea' in Scots Gaelic

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