I. C. E. - Inner Cosmic Experience

Would you accept an invitation from the Guardian of Ice?

Winter is a portal that my curious self often has to coax my tired self out to explore. I'm not a fan of being cold. I like being warm and cozy, but experience has taught me that if I bundle up in the appropriate winter clothing the rewards of being out in the chilly landscape far surpass looking at it through frosty glass (although that can be quite lovely too!). There is so much that can be discovered in the bare, chill stillness. I'm reminded that magic abounds and the cosmic dwells within the miniature. "Do not become complacent." I tell myself. "Stay awake to the mystery within the frozen world!"

The wintery world is a portal, an invitation to shapeshift and cross over into other dimensions.

In the area where I live, we're blessed to be surrounded by lakes and ponds, a network of waterways that stretches for miles in all directions. With the lack of snow and abundance of frigid temperatures this winter, the ice has been able to grow a foot thick. At night I lay awake listening to it singing, like a great frozen beast that's awoken and is stirring and stretching in its frozen lair. Apparently when ice is new its song is higher pitched, and as it thickens the sounds it makes change, becoming deeper and more garbled in tone. I love the mystery of it!

My imagination comes alive with a new awareness and I tune into what's arising out of the strange, deeply vast cold.