The Labyrinth: A Path thru Change

So, what's next?

Where's life taking you?

Everything in flux?

I've been asking myself these questions in a myriad of different ways for the past several months. It appears I'm not the only one. Many others seem to be feeling the foundations of their lives, ie. work, home, relationships, are shifting and transforming in some very big ways as well.

Does it feel like everything in your life is up in the air and you don't quite know what the future holds?

Have you been feeling that inner squirm that accompanies discomfort? Have you been yearning for a change? The answers many people have gotten have led them to make major shifts in their lives, shifts that completely restructure how they live, shifts that honor their heart and soul's desires.

Are you also feeling a shift happening in your life?

Perhaps this shift is subtle or small, or maybe it's shattering your life as you know it and asking you to make huge challenging choices. However life is showing up for you right now, one thing can be certain, change is happening, whether in imperceptible or in blaringly obvious ways.