The Labyrinth: A Path thru Change

So, what's next?

Where's life taking you?

Everything in flux?

I've been asking myself these questions in a myriad of different ways for the past several months. It appears I'm not the only one. Many others seem to be feeling the foundations of their lives, ie. work, home, relationships, are shifting and transforming in some very big ways as well.

Does it feel like everything in your life is up in the air and you don't quite know what the future holds?

Have you been feeling that inner squirm that accompanies discomfort? Have you been yearning for a change? The answers many people have gotten have led them to make major shifts in their lives, shifts that completely restructure how they live, shifts that honor their heart and soul's desires.

Are you also feeling a shift happening in your life?

Perhaps this shift is subtle or small, or maybe it's shattering your life as you know it and asking you to make huge challenging choices. However life is showing up for you right now, one thing can be certain, change is happening, whether in imperceptible or in blaringly obvious ways.

Photo Credit - Janet Moller


We all have ways of rebalancing and finding our way when our lives begin to go astray. One of the tools I've used to help me navigate and find peace within during this time of unbecoming and becoming is the labyrinth. Labyrinths are ancient archetypes that date back at least 4000 years and are found throughout the world. They are single, most often circular paths, that guide you to a central point and back out again. They differ from mazes in that they are not puzzles, but rather portals to a world within. The only choice you have to make is to begin. As former teacher of mine Sig Lonegren taught, 'Labyrinths are right-brain tools'. They help us to quiet our mind so that we may access our inner world.

Labyrinths offer us a means to find peace, spiritual connection, and guidance. They are portals through which we can access our soul's needs.

Earlier this past winter I spent time on Cape Cod walking the beach, following the sand that seemed to go on forever. My intention was to find stillness in the wide open expanse of sea, sand and surf; and in that stillness maybe some guidance, if I was lucky. It was cold and the wind whipped around me. There were people around, but they were far off in the distance. As I walked this tidal shoreline I felt the potent wild beauty and vast solitude of this untamed landscape where the only constant is change. It permeated the expansive space around me.

After I had been walking for a while and my mind had become calm, an idea came to me - to draw out a 7-circuit labyrinth in the sand and sit in its center. Not too far away a large expanse of pristine sand extended out before me. It was like a blank canvas, free of footprints, seaweed and stones. Positioning myself in the center between the dunes and crashing waves, I began drawing out the seed pattern for my labyrinth.

It felt like I was creating a sacred space within which I would discover a new direction or uncover a hidden truth.

Around and around I walked, etching a line in the sand that stretched out behind me. With each completed passing the labyrinth as portal became more and more recognizable, like a bud blossoming into a flower. A new world was gradually emerging out of this vast