To See the World on Foot

I love a good walk. Actually, to be more specific, a walk where I'm strolling more than walking. There is no destination, no itinerary, and no schedule to keep. I'm not in a rush, and I seem to be led by a hidden magnetism that's drawing me towards every nugget of beauty, every intriguing view, every tantalizing pattern, and shimmering glimmer that's hanging out at the far periphery of my vision.

My inner child has been awakened, and I'm alive to the wonders around me!

Relax... Settle in... Stretch out... Breathe... Aahhh! My whole being gives in to the power and presence of the moment as I feel the invisible arms of the place rise up to meet me.

This kind of walk is more of a reconnection of sorts, an invitation to peer beneath, slip through, and soar beyond the bounds of my known reality.

It's during these walks that I really become attuned to the heartbeat of a place, to the particular fragrance and frequency of the energy humming in the air, and to the tone of the living presence uniquely patterned and informed by the life force all around me.