The Transformative Power of Daydreams

Have you ever found yourself gazing off into the distance? Do you tend to ponder the depths found in a single moment completely detached from the mechanistic hum of the everyday world buzzing all around you?

Are you a dreamer?

Are you drawn to places where two worlds meet?

Are you accustomed to wandering and wondering?

The incessant drumbeat of our lives can be a taskmaster tricking us into believing we are what we produce, accomplish, do. There's no doubt these things can bring us success and joy, but they can also wear us down and dull our shine. And, as it turns out we also counteract all this intensity by simply doing "nothing" at all. Well, that's how it appears on the outside anyway. In actuality, we really are "doing" something — we're connecting and creating on the inner planes.

What we're "doing" is daydreaming!

Reawakening the dreamer that lives within us can also reawaken our sense of adventure, bring us to a place of refuge within, help us to feel safe, and inspire a life of beauty and possibility, and even bring us solutions.