For the Love of Spring!

Nourishing and fresh! Soul-quenching and pure!

Spring is an expression of life at its most vital and new.

The blessings of rising up early in the morning are many and the beauty of spring is especially apparent at sunrise making for a rewarding experience. Recently I encountered the magical qualities of my home landscape just as the sun was rising and share the wonders with you here. May my story and pictures be an inspiration to you.


The soaking rain had ended in the quiet morning hours just after midnight. No moon could be seen. With the passing away of the storm, the winds had died down, and stillness enwrapped each wet leaf and damp tree trunk. As I headed out into the landscape the earth was still, yet I could sense the energy of morning building. The moss was all plumped up, wearing its green like a beacon. There were pops of bright green color everywhere. Moss-covered stones and downed trees dotted the shiny wet ground all around me, littered with last year’s leaves from this land’s beech, oak, maple, and birch trees.

The air was cool, and the fresh dampness moistened my skin. It was 6 am and all was quiet…

except for the stream.

She gurgled more strongly, rain water swelling her depths. Water bubbled and gurgled as it snaked along, weaving around stones and trees before plunging over steep drops and forming small cascading waterfalls, shaping sandy spits and mini sand bars as it went.

All along the edge of the stream grew young spring grasses, sphagnum moss, and tiny maple trees only 4 inches high - their shiny young red leaves glistening in the early morning light.

Carefully I stepped around unfolding fiddleheads and numerous green shoots and a whole host of plants that are familiar, but who’s names I don’t yet know. The miniature world beaconed, calling out to me to look closer.<