Meditation with a Twist (or a Chirp!)

Are you feeling frazzled by all the ‘must dos’ of summer? Is the sweltering heat connecting you with your inner sloth where you’re unable to move and don’t want to do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g very quickly? Summer can be a real mixed bag for people. There’s so much we want to do––all the yang energy encouraging action; mixed together with the desire to chill out, sit back with a good book and be soothed by the yin energies of the so-called ‘lazy days of summer’. Well, do I have just the thing to calm you down or perk you up depending on how summer is treating you.

Bird Watching!

As natural as watching the sunset and just as soul fulfilling, bird watching is a fun practice that balances the yin and yang energies within you. Yes, you can have it all, and it’s a form of meditation you can practice year round, too. Bird watching can help bring peace back into your life and can give you a sense of connection to something greater than yourself––that is the life of the birds and the powerful presence of the Earth all around you. The birds add an especially vibrant and dynamic layer of presence to an already powerful sentient landscape teaming with life. The seen leads you to the unseen.

The more you choose to sit quietly and observe birds, the more you will discover and this is always a good thing when it comes to Nature.

Hummingbirds jostle like X-Wing fighters believing the 4-flowered feeder, that can meet the hungry needs of multiple birds all at once, has only enough food for one bird, most often but not always, the one with the flashy bright ruby red throat. Just the other day I was delighted to see not one, not two, but…three (very exciting!), hummers perched on the feeder simultaneously enjoying a meal… all female, not a ruby throat in sight. Now, I’ve seen the more mellow-colored females swoop and swerve protecting their source of food, too. It’s not just the males who act like X-Wing fighters defending their treasure trove of sugar water. Female hummers are just as feisty.

I find that every morning, and if I’m home several times a day, I’ll gaze out upon the feeders to see what I can see. It’s become my morning ritual––how I ease into my day. What feathery marvel will delight? Who has returned?