Of Stone Circles and Keeping It Local

A whole new world is waiting to be discovered and its closer than you think.

I love to travel. I love the anticipation, of planning and packing, of deciding where to go and what to see; especially the excitement of taking off and landing in a new environment, ripe for exploration and new discoveries. But for my latest trip I took a different approach - I stayed local.

Last month I took some time for myself to refresh and renew. My plans were to rest and spend time with my family back home in the landscape where I grew up, Cape Cod. It was cold and stormy much of the time, and some may wonder why I didn't escape and go to sunny Florida or an island in the Bahamas instead. But to be honest, I was yearning to reconnect with the land of my birth - to sink back into the earth that first held me. It turned out that my visit became a sort of pilgrimage.

I discovered things about my homeland that took me completely by surprise.

Hidden away on Wing's Island, a wind-swept piece of land tucked between sea, sand and marsh, lurked something extraordinary. After walking across a narrow wooden path out to the island, I found myself being led down a sandy trail through a tunnel of underbrush... old and worn, shaped by man over decades and the elements for centuries. I had crossed over into a magical world, far from the hustle and bustle, and arrived in a land where the wind and sea rule with unforgiving force.

It came with a rush, my heart shocked into reverie.

Out of the blue, I spotted a stone circle tucked away just off the path in a clearing surrounded by oak, cedar and pitch pine.