Seeing Is Believing

When life throws a new experience at me it ushers in a new perspective. Every moment of surprise reorders my world. All of a sudden everything takes on a completely new look, a new hue, a new order, a new pattern that awakens in me a whole new understanding. Just when I thought I knew the world around me I make a discovery, or witness a happening, that forever alters my perception of life.

I enjoy observing the world around me. I take pride in knowing the growing patterns of the plants that appear every spring, the movements and behaviors of the birds and animals that frequent the land where I live, and in being familiar with the ocean soundscape as waves build and retreat with every passing storm. All of these things help me feel a part of a place.

But then something happens to alter my perception.

Taking A Trip Through Wonderland

A Crow Story

One morning last year I witnessed something extraordinary. We have a family of crows that frequent our yard, and I, up until that moment, would observe their comings and goings, alerted to their presence every time I'd hear their 'caw caw'. There are 6 that stick together and 4 appear to be siblings. What unfolded before my eyes completely changed my understanding of crows and gave me a peek into their personalities.

Outside my window, up on a small hill sits a round lichen-covered stone surrounded by grass about 15 inches in diameter and 15 inches high. My eye is always drawn to it because of its solitary position. I've often wondered whether energetically it anchors a power point. On that magical morning perched on this small stone were 4 crows, wings flapping to stay balanced, appearing to tease one another with jabs of their beaks. This went on for a few timeless, unbelievable moments. It was amazing to me to see them all perched so close together on this small rock, but then one of the crows pushed another off the rock and it landed on its back, its feet in the air trying to protect itself from the other. Through it all they were making a ruckus with their caw cawing. The 'parents' were foraging in the grass nearby seemingly oblivious to it all, while these 4 'youngsters' were huddled on the stone squabbling amongst themselves.

Whether that stone anchors a power point or not, it anchors that delightful memory for me, and my understanding of crows has forever changed.

The Goldfinch and the Icicle

We all need water. It's one of the essential ingredients for survival. Many of us can simply turn on the tap and it pours forth, while many others must trek miles to fetch it in buckets. But, what do the birds do? Seek out a melting icicle of course!

One sunny morning in early spring I was sitting at my kitchen table by the window. From this spot I can look out over my deck across t