Sink In To Your Life

The pool is still.

Distant tremors sound.

I feel my body answer,

My wild awareness tuned,

As curiosity ripples out,

I seek connection.

Sink In To Your Life

This is an invitation for you

To explore and discover... to relate anew with the Earth Spirit.

Let me nudge you to go deeper, to be with your world in a new way.

To become aware of, once more,

The glistening threads that weave our lives together,

Connecting us with the wild Earth.

Take a deep breath... and,

Sink In To Your Life

Feel your life color your world.

Open your senses to the boundless mystery.

Seek to understand how completely Earth engulfs, inspires and informs you.

Know that in the stillness of Earth's power and presence

lies the fullness of your life.

Allow Earth's folds and textures, silences and sounds, to envelop you.

Know that within the stillness of your life's expression,